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“And don’t call me Shirley”

It’s a sad day for Airplane! fans. Leslie Nielsen died Sunday the 28th at the age of 84 in Fort Lauderdale, due to complications from pneumonia. Advertisements

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T-Day + 1: Flight to New Smyrna Beach

Our family has a lot of great memories in New Smyrna Beach. As children, later teenagers and college students, NSB was our home away from home on the weekends. We regularly made the hour drive to the beach to launch our … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with your families. Safe travels! Attached is a slideshow of some really interesting aircraft pictures, none of which I took. BestAviationPhotography

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Fly Like an Eagle

Out of curiosity a few years back, I flew the Bonanza down to Seminole Lake Gliderport (6FL0),  about 25 miles west of Orlando, to inquire about soaring lessons. Flying a glider was something that intrigued me for a number of years after … Continue reading

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Foreflight Mobile HD

At the risk of sounding like an Apple Fanboy, one of the most useful apps for the iPad is the Foreflight Mobile HD Aviation app. I have been using it extensively since May for planning flights, and in the cockpit. Foreflight was conceived as … Continue reading

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Tavares Sea Plane Base redux

Here is a follow up to an earlier post about the Tavares Sea Plane Base in Central Florida, on the Dora Chain of Lakes, near KLEE. Do these guys at Jones Brothers Seaplanes have a fun job or what?

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The iPad for Pilot Dummies

I admit it….I drank the Kool-aid. Being a PC user since the 1990’s (my first PC was a 286hz processor with 4mb of ram and a 40mb hard drive), I finally purchased an Apple product. The iPad 64G, 3G version was pre-ordered … Continue reading

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An Angel Flight to West Palm Beach

Planned Route: KLEE ORL V531 TBIRD F45 Actual Route: Whatever ATC felt like issuing us at the moment ETE: 54 minutes Distance: 149 nm each way Fuel Burned: 26 gallons r/t Normally I hate Mondays. Luckily for me, rather than … Continue reading

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I Love My Aeroplane, ’cause She Got Style

The weather is perfect for flying today, but I’m off to the farm to repair some fences and prepare for some new horses to arrive.  Here is a cool flying video I came across, with Stephen Stills singing Tree-top Flyer:  

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Flying the Desert Southwest

One of my favorite things to do is long solo cross-country flights in the Bonanza. They are challenging and require quite a bit of planning. In May of last year I arranged for some time off work and flew from … Continue reading

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