Just Kickin’ Around

There is a major winter storm enveloping the country and marching our way later today. We are expecting TRWs and winds 20G30+ this afternoon. Temps are expected to drop to 27F by Tuesday morning. Brrr. Saturday afternoon was my last chance to get up in the air for a few days, even for just a brief sightseeing flight, so that is what I did. 

Late afternoon, flight conditions over Central Florida were just perfect. The OAT was 65F; sky CAVU, with surface winds at 3 knots. The area lakes were like glass.

Normally my flights are high and fast, in order to get somewhere quickly. Yesterday was different. After my initial climb out, I pulled the power back to 20” MP and flew around at 140 knots and 1200 MSL. My meandering track took me over some beautiful lakes and farms. I never realized that the area around Ocala had so many massive horse farms, many with million-dollar barns and paddocks. 

Based on the traffic buzzing around, and the com traffic on frequency, everyone else must have had the same idea. There was everything from ultralights to corporate jets out and about, and my portable traffic alert device was constantly calling out traffic. Even the hawks were out circling thermals, as I needed to dodge a few of them as well.

It was only .7 on the Hobbs, but it was what I needed after a busy week. 

Here are a few shots just before sunset:

Over Lake Weir near Ocala

Low and Slow over Lake County

Lake Harris all glassed out

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