Patriot Pilot

Normally I do not post about adding a new member to my blogroll, but in this case, I wanted to make sure as many people find out about this particular blogger as possible.

Patriot Pilot is a commercial airline pilot that videoed and then posted on YouTube his concerns with the TSA and lack of security of commercial airports. His major point is that while passengers and crew are screened, x-rayed and groped, ramp workers access the tarmac with only the swipe of a card.

The response of the TSA was to remove his status as a FFDO, confiscating his weapon. Also the local sheriff was involved and confiscated his Concealed Carry Permit.

The blogger has been a commercial pilot for 27 years and formerly was a Captain in the military flying helicopters.

TSA tactics are a concern to all Americans, and we should monitor their actions closely.

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