Fly-in at 28J, Kay Larkin Airport, Palatka, FL

General Aviation is alive and well, at least if you go by the number of people and planes at today’s fly-in at Lt. Kay Larkin Airport, Palatka, Florida. This airport is not far from Jacksonville and the St. Johns River.

Skies were clear and blue, but airborne it was a bit choppy as surface winds were 16, gusting to 22, creating some mechanical turbulence. Arrivals were busy, with RW27 in use

As you can see from the VFR chart below, my routing from Leesburg took me NE bound over to KIZER intersection, then to ROYES, then direct 28J. This allowed me to avoid the bombing range over the Ocala National Forest.

Click for a larger image:

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The airport itself was opened in 1937 on 214 acres of property. It was named after Lt. “Kay” Larkin in 1942, after he was KIA during WWII. On the field near the FBO is the last military structure remaining from WWII, a Quonset hut.  

The day was filled with all kinds of unique aircraft and activities. There were formation flight fly-bys, gliders, parachutes and warbirds. The air was thick with the smell of hamburgers and southern barbecue pork.

100LL was cheap at $3.79 for self-serve, so I topped off for the trip back home.

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