Kiddie Wings and Private Planes

According to a recent news report, at least one major U.S. airline has resumed an age old tradition: that of giving away little plastic wings to kids onboard. Airlines quit handing out pilot wings to children due to a ban on them by the TSA.

“Why?” you may ask.

It was because the toy wings had a small metal pin, affixed to the backside, that some numb-nutz at the TSA thought might be used to hijack a plane.

How did we become such a nation of terrified wusses?

For younger Americans, it is difficult to comprehend, travelling by commercial aircraft used to be enjoyable. But that was well before the Keystone Cops, known as the TSA and Homeland Security.

It is amazing what Americans will put up with in order to save a few dollars, or “feel safe”. We readily accept high school dropouts in blue uniforms,  groping, scanning and irradiating our children or our 90 year old grandmothers.

Thankfully we still have the right to travel freely by private aircraft without such intrusions, but part of me wonders how long that will continue. In this article by the liberal press, we learn that Private Planes are a Menace. Really? Private aircraft, especially larger corporate aircraft, are subject to a whole litany of security procedures, including background checks on pilots, FAA monitoring of aircraft sales, and foreign pilots who are in the U.S. taking flying lessons.

On smaller aircraft like mine, I know exactly who my passenger are. I do not fly strangers without proper vetting. This is true for every other operator out there, from Piper Cubs to G-6’s.

The only thing that scares me are obscure magazine writers, deficient in IQ and critical thinking abilities. Irresponsible journalists wield their pen as a sword, trying to scare the bejesus out of the general public with sensational stories.

This YouTube clip was produced in 1958 to promote the arrival of the jet age. It stands in stark contrast to what passengers must go through today in order to travel this great country.

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