Geo-referenced Approaches into Leesburg

This past weekend, I finally had the chance to do a post-maintenance flight in my Bonanza after its annual inspection was completed. The weather was clear and the sky blue, especially welcoming after the horrendous storms that came through Central Florida last week.

After a quick consult with  to see who had lowest fuel prices, it was determined that Umatilla Airport (X23), at $4.40 per gallon, would be the best choice for some (not so) cheap avgas. Once the tanks were topped with 60 gallons of 100LL, we flew back towards Leesburg (LEE) for some practice instrument approaches. I wanted to see how the new geo-referenced approach plates on ForeFlight would work in the real world. Georeferenced plates are now an option for both ForeFlight and WingX7 EFB software programs running on Apple products. The technology is being provided throught a partnership with Seattle Avionics.

Leesburg was landing RWY 31, so we selected the RNAV (GPS) RWY 31 approach to fit in with traffic. As you can see from the first of four screen shots, we were flying southeast towards JELTT Intersection, an Initial Approach Fix. The second screen shot below shows us on the base leg towards EJOLA intersection the Initial Fix, and the third screen shot shows us inbound on the final approach course towards AKOJO, the Final Approach Fix to RWY 31.

While all my “official” approach data comes from the HSI/GNS430/Avidyne MFD combination in the panel, the iPad with the approach plates are very handy for overall positional awareness. The single pilot will be glancing at the plate during each phase of the approach, and seeing the little blue airplane moving along the plate is a neat little back up tool. I am impressed with its accuracy and the crisp display of the electronic plates.

After landing, the iPad/ForeFlight combination also allows us to see our position on the airport taxi diagram, a helpful tool while at unfamiliar airports.

As a reward to myself, it was time for some real Southern BBQ. After pushing the Bonanza back into its hangar, we headed over to the Tavares Sea Plane Base (FA1), where a BBQ cook-off, antique and exotic car show, and seaplane splash-in was being held in Wooten Park. There was quite a crowd on hand.

While chowing on some awesome BBQ, we watched the airshow, headlined by Patty Wagstaff in her Extra 300, from the shores of Lake Dora. Some photos are in the gallery below the approach screen shots.

To see more detail, simply right-click on the thumbnail to open in a new tab.


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