The Flying Businessman, circa 1953

Here is a short YouTube retro video clip from 1953 about the flying businessman. It profiles those who traveled commercial and air taxi, and those who learned to fly a private airplane for business purposes. If you watch closely you will see lots of V-tail Bonanzas featured.

This film clip may be a bit sexist by today’s standards, as there were no flying businesswomen portrayed in the clip.

It is interesting to see that the basic fundamentals of learning to fly a private aircraft are the same today as they were then. This includes the minimum requirement for 40 hours of flight time (20 dual) before taking the check-ride.

Today there is so much more to learn about flying than there was 58 years ago. As I recall, it now takes the average student pilot more than 80 hours to get their private ticket, about double the minimum hours required by the FAA. I suspect this has a lot to do with learning about more complicated airspace, avionics and glass cockpit technology.

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  1. Bob Long says:

    I notice a discrepancy between the tail numbers actually shown in the photo of the acft. and those in the blog report. I believe the acft. to have been 3794N vs. 3749N.

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