WingX Pro Announces Synthetic Vision for the iPad

From the Aero News website:

SynthViz Comes To iPad | Aero-News Network

As of Tuesday, aviation synthetic vision is available on the iPad. Hilton Software LLC announced the addition of Synthetic Vision to its flagship WingX Pro7 for iPad product. WingX Pro7’s new Synthetic Vision depicts 3D terrain using its high-resolution terrain database, obstacles using a comprehensive obstacle database, and airport runways. Terrain and obstacles that are above or slightly below the airplane’s altitude are shaded red and yellow respectively. Also displayed are speed and altitude tapes and a Zero Pitch Line that shows the aircraft’s altitude in relation to nearby terrain. Pilots can move to any airport in the country and can look around the airport in all directions and at all altitudes by sliding their finger over the Synthetic Vision view. This enables pilots to visualize a preferred route of arrival or departure for the airport. The Synthetic Vision can be displayed full-screen or simultaneously with other charts such as a VFR sectional or geo-referenced approach chart using WingX Pro7’s unique split screen view.

The synthetic vision application is provided by BA3.

From their website:

Horizon is the name of BA3’s flagship 3D synthetic vision system for aircraft pilots and is currently integrated into and used by WingX Pro7 Version 6 published by Hilton Software, LLC. This application is available on the Apple app store.

The motivation for putting synthetic vision into the cockpit is primarily safety, particularly for general aviation pilots who typically have less flight hours and have faced fewer heavy work load situations than commercial and certainly military pilots. Synthetic vision helps improve a pilot’s situational awareness in poor weather conditions or reduced visibility

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  1. Thanks for the coverage. Do please feel free to link to our web site too. It will help spread the word:

    Bruce Shankle
    Founder and CEO

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just bought it and had 600 miles cross country flight and I dont how it works, seating on the runway or landing I should see runway with numbers on it and is no runway. I did try on my flight many times and I don’t see nothing like on garmin, wasted money? or I am doing someting wrong?
    Can someone explain it to me, no help on hilton web.

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