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British Airways ad

Great ad showing the history of British Airways, a/ka/a Speedbird. It’s too bad today’s reality of flying commercial falls a bit short. and how it was made:

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A Short Hop to Winter Haven

After hearing the sad news about the P-51 crash at Reno last night, it was time to go flying today. There was an impromptu fly-in of Beechcraft Bonanzas to the Winter Haven Airport (KGIF), 47 nm to the south of … Continue reading

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Uh-oh. Increased Oil Consumption

Upon landing after my last flight home from Michigan to Florida, I noticed I had gone through an inordinate amount of engine oil during the trip. The oil dipstick showed only 6 quarts remaining after starting out with 9½ quarts. But … Continue reading

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Flying Private in Honor of 9/11- Ten Years Later

To honor those Americans lost in the Islamic terrorist attacks ten years ago, I turned off the TV set (where airtime was filled with non-stop 9/11 tributes) and went flying. Why? Mainly because I still can. After 9/11, all aircraft were grounded for … Continue reading

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College Football Recruiting

As you know, college football is very competitive, and scouting and recruiting is highly secretive. Recruiting is the lifeblood of national championships. College football scouts and recruiters love to do their job in anonymity. They join the fans at Friday night football games, looking to scout … Continue reading

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