College Football Recruiting

As you know, college football is very competitive, and scouting and recruiting is highly secretive. Recruiting is the lifeblood of national championships. College football scouts and recruiters love to do their job in anonymity. They join the fans at Friday night football games, looking to scout this year’s high school seniors for next year’ s college freshman class.

I was at my local airport today and spotted this 1998 Citation Jet 550 that came in Friday night. If you haven’t guessed, it belongs to the University of Florida. How can you tell? Well, the orange and blue trim for starters. But the ship’s N-number ending in “FG” (Florida Gators) is an obvious give away.


Here is my advice to those football scouts that want to remain anonymous. It’s probably not a good idea to show up at a small-town airport in a private jet bedecked in school colors with a vanity tail number. People are likely to notice.

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