A Short Hop to Winter Haven

After hearing the sad news about the P-51 crash at Reno last night, it was time to go flying today. There was an impromptu fly-in of Beechcraft Bonanzas to the Winter Haven Airport (KGIF), 47 nm to the south of home base, so we decided to join them.

At 2,000 feet MSL, the flight down was smooth, with good views of Disney World and Epcot to our east. On arrival, we set up for a left downwind to RWY 5. As we descended on short final, we watched as one of the seaplanes from Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base lifted off the surface of the lake, just ahead and parallel to us.

The new restaurant in the terminal building is not open yet, but should be in a few weeks.

While holding short of RWY 5, waiting to depart for home, the pattern got quite busy. That was nice to see. But one guy in the pattern got a little excited because he thought there was some other aircraft on right base, rather than the left base he expected. It reminded me of the term “pattern-Nazi“. You know, he’s “that guy” who tries to maintain order at non-towered fields, but everyone else ignores him. Some people get way too serious!

Outside of Leesburg, we dodged a few hawks working the thermals, and descended for a right downwind to RWY 13. The tires squeaked-on and we made the first turn-off to the ramp.

Every day is a gift.

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  1. Great write up Ross, sorry I missed you there this morning.

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