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Obama’s Orlando TFR

Sheesh. It must be silly season again because politicians are spending time in Florida to gin up votes. Another VIP TFR was activated to shut down or severely restrict Florida airspace because Obama needed to spend a couple of hours and … Continue reading

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Small Airplanes and the Mainstream Media

The bumper sticker below pokes fun at the fear purposely stoked by the media, anti-general aviation groups and the U. S. government. If you don’t understand irony, or happen to be one of those that believes everything the government tells you, don’t bother … Continue reading

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Big Airports, Little Airplanes

I love flying out of grass strips, with their camaraderie and Friday night barbeques. I also enjoy the demands of flying into and out of large commercial airports, surrounded by Class Bravo airspace. I like the challenge of fitting into … Continue reading

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