This was the little plane that started it all, meaning my love of aviation. N9481U was not just any Cessna 150, but a Cessna 150/150. She was a 1976 model ship, based at Orlando Country Airport, near Zellwood, FL.

This aircraft had the 150 horsepower engine under the cowl, usually reserved for the larger 4-seat Cessna 172 model.

This bird would easily cruise in the yellow arc, and on my first solo, climbed like a homesick angel.

N9481U is the aircraft that I spent 42 flight hours in to complete my private pilot rating. And many more hours obtaining my instrument rating.

I remember my first VFR cross-country solo to LaBelle, Florida (LBV), then to Pahokee (PHK) and back to Orlando Country Airport (X04). I vividly recall my instructor chiding me because I used VOR navigation as opposed to Pilotage. This was before GPS. I always felt more comfortable triangulating VORs than figuring out which water tower I was flying over.

I also recall more than a few hot summer days doing unusual attitudes while under the hood and wondering if my lunch was going to stay put.

Good times…..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember that plane very well……………………….the women that owned that airport said that you & Cameron were the best two pilots to ever train there

    Jim (dad)

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