Lear 60

I had an opportunity to hop a ride as a passenger on our corporate jet this past week from Boca Raton, FL to Nashville, instead of flying the Bonanza.

The aircraft we flew in is a beautiful late model Lear 60, complete with a fully stocked mini bar. We needed to position the airplane from Boca rather than Ft. Lauderdale Executive. Obama was in Florida (yet again) for another campaign event, shutting down South Florida airspace for 6 hours with a VIP TFR.

After departing on RWY 5, our flight from KBCT to KBNA was just under 2 hours, even with an 84 knot headwind. Enroute at FL410, I spent most of the flight talking shop with the crew about RSVM, high altitude ops, autopilot systems and yes, even ForeFlight on the iPad.

Upon shooting the ILS to RWY 32 at KBNA, we taxied to Atlantic Aviation. Since this WAS Nashville after all, I asked the lineman if he had seen any famous country singers that day. Turns out so many of them fly private in and out of Nashville, he loses track of them all.

I certainly enjoy flying in corporate jets, but at the end of the day, I decided I would rather be the captain of my own dingy than a passenger on some one else’s yacht. Only another pilot would understand.

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