Annual Inspection Complete

Happy Fathers’ Day! The annual is finally done and this year it was quite extensive. I replaced 3 tired cylinders, overhauled the two magnetos, and resealed the McCauley 3-blade prop.

The Bonanza is purring like a kitten. And my mechanic assured me there were no leftover parts after he buttoned things up.

Despite a northeasterly flow off the Atlantic, today was a great day to fly. I departed Leesburg, LEE, and flew northwest up to Williston, X60, then over to Cedar Key. It was choppy below 2,500 feet, but flight visiblity was excellent.

The guy at the cylinder overhaul shop said I needed to properly break in the new cylinders. I asked him the best way to do that, and he replied, “fly it like you stole it”.

So I did.

Here are a few pictures of Cedar Key. The runway is just 2,300 feet long, but it’s no problem for most aircraft.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does the lady with the taxi still monitor the CTAF there?

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