Palatka Airport, Kay Larkin Field-Revisited

Two years ago we flew up to Palatka, FL (28J) for an open house and fly in. You can read the original post at 2011 Palatka Florida Fly-in. Palatka is a small town near the NE coast of Florida, not far Jacksonville.

A couple of Saturday’s ago we went back for this years open house. January is a great time to fly in Florida, with clear skies and cool dry air. This time of year we get into the air as much as we can. As expected, the skies and airwaves were busy with traffic, but Jacksonville Approach did an excellent job of separation and service.

The traffic pattern on arrival at Palatka was busy, but it flowed well. There were experimentals, RVs, light twins and ultralights in abundance. 100LL was a bargain at $4.03 a gallon, so I topped off for the trip home.

Today was a reprise of the great time we had in 2011. The pork barbecue was awesome and the aircraft on display were terrific examples of aviation history.

Below are some photos of a T-28, Stearman, Lockheed, a DC-3 and a P-51, all in like new or better condition.

IMG_0807 IMG_0809 IMG_0812 IMG_0813

IMG_0815 IMG_0821


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