ForeFlight Mobile HD Update

ForeFlight 5 is now in the Apple Store, and the latest iteration is a fairly significant upgrade. FF5 shows colored terrain, allows for user adjustable map orientation, indicates obstacles and offers an auto-taxi function.

The auto-taxi function is a real time saver. Once your aircraft lands and slows to less than 30 knots on the runway, the map page automatically flips over to an airport/taxi diagram, if there is one in the database for that airport. If you have the upgraded version of FF, your ship’s position will be shown on the taxi diagram. This is especially helpful as you exit the runway and clean up the aircraft, while looking for the ramp.

The terrain feature works only on iPad2 versions or later, as it puts a lot of demands on the system.

Normally my panel-mount MFD is always set to track forward, rather than north-up. That has always seemed more intuitive to me.

Until now, the FF Mobile App only offered a north-up orientation in flight, so if you were flying south, the aircraft icon would be pointed in the opposite direction.

ForeFlight now offers several alternatives to map orientation: north-up, track up center, and track-up forward.

After three years of using ForeFlight in north-up only, it does take a bit of an adjustment to get used to track-forward on the iPad. Rather than see the aircraft icon rotate on the map during the turn, the icon remains in track up mode and the map rotates around it.

Below are some screen grabs of both IFR and VFR charts of ForeFlight in track-forward mode.

For more information here is the link to ForeFlight:

photo2 photo

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