Summertime Flying

Summertime flying offers different challenges that Wintertime flying. In Florida we get to aviate all year, unlike those folks in the frozen north who “pickle” there planes for a few months when the weather drops below freezing.

Density Altitude (DA) is always a consideration while operating “hot and high” near full gross. Piston engine, propeller and airfoil performance always degrades as the ambient temperature and pressure altitude rises.

Thunderstorms are another consideration. These rain cells below have not yet fully developed into convective storms, but they are very close. The Stormscope showed no strikes during my flight to Williston (X60) for breakfast at the Pyper Cub Café. (yes that’s how its spelled). A few deviations were all that was necessary to stay clear of the weather.

The XM display below shows heavy precip, with some red and occasional purple gradients. It was easily navigable with a smooth ride, VFR, beneath the 2,000 foot bases. Flight visibility was unlimited, and there were no embedded cells.

The iPad Air with a Stratus-2 ADS-b unit radar display concurred with the XM display, but there seemed to be just a tad more latency.

With the temps and humidity in Central Florida today, all I can say is “thank goodness” for air conditioning in the Bonanza. It sure makes those long taxi and departure delays much more bearable.

Happy Flying!


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