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Instrument Proficiency Check

Maintaining IFR currency for instrument rated pilots is  a challenge if you are based in Florida. The Sunshine State almost always lives up to its moniker, and the only opportunity to get some real IMC time is in and around thunderstorms, (not … Continue reading

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Why We Fly- Instrument Approach Into Queenstown, NZ

This one always sends chills up and down my spine. An Airbus descends into the clouds on an instrument approach, between some tall mountain peaks. Stunning. There is no better feeling than breaking out on an instrument approach with the … Continue reading

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Almost a Bad Day at Teterboro

Some pilots blindly follow ATC clearances. Good pilots always question ATC clearances, especially those that make no sense. It pays to have some situational awareness. And question Authority, always! This pilot should have spoken up sooner if he had questions about … Continue reading

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Insight Products Engine Monitor for the Bonanza

In my original Bonanza, I had a GEM 602 engine monitor in the panel. It was a great little unit, but it was developed long before the “lean of peak” engine management era we live in today. It helped me … Continue reading

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