Insight Products Engine Monitor for the Bonanza

In my original Bonanza, I had a GEM 602 engine monitor in the panel. It was a great little unit, but it was developed long before the “lean of peak” engine management era we live in today. It helped me on several occasions to spot small engine issues before they became large ones.

When I bought the A36 Bonanza, it did not have an engine monitor, although the other instrumentation was superior. The plane came only with the single probe CHT in the panel, and you never really knew how the other 5 cylinders were feeling.

So, last week I ordered a new Insight G-2 engine monitor. This unit will help with monitoring EGTs, CHTs and fuel flow. It also has a removable SD datacard that will assist with assessing the overall health of the engine without dissembling it. Clogged fuel injectors, fouled plugs, and low voltage issues will be readily evident. And “lean of peak” engine operations will be a snap.

The plane is in the avionics show now, and I’ll update once we have a chance to fly it. This will make ocean crossings to the Bahamas and the Florida Keys a much less stressful experience, and it should eliminate the “automatic rough” pilots sometimes feel when crossing large bodies of water.


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