Why We Fly- Instrument Approach Into Queenstown, NZ

This one always sends chills up and down my spine. An Airbus descends into the clouds on an instrument approach, between some tall mountain peaks. Stunning.

There is no better feeling than breaking out on an instrument approach with the runway right where it’s supposed to be.

I’m sure I will be thinking of this video as I fly the Bonanza into the Asheville, NC Airport (KAVL) next month. Asheville is situated in a scenic valley in the Western North Carolina mountains, and low ceilings can be a factor at times.

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4 Responses to Why We Fly- Instrument Approach Into Queenstown, NZ

  1. epicaviation says:

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    Ah, The joys of being a pilot 🙂

  2. 3 years and 100+hours logged after getting my IR…I FINALLY got to shoot a real approach into TLH this last Saturday! Perfect conditions for a first time ILS also…..solid IMC from 1st vectors in the terminal area to about 500′ above the DH so I got a good taste of the real deal and still broke out in time to do an easy transition….and you are correct there is nothing like breaking out and seeing the runway where it’s supposed to be!

    • bonanza36 says:

      I love reading this! TLH is a great airport, but lots of trees all around.

      My first “real” ILS was into New Orleans Lakefront. Broke out at 400′ over Lake Ponch with the nose 30 degrees right of the Final due to a strong crosswind, but lined up perfectly on the LOC. Good job!!

  3. Thanks! I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be forever chained to my foggles…even cruising in IMC seems like it always cleared out by my destination….I had anticipation when my XM reported 1200′ ceilings at TLH halfway there, but didn’t really believe it would happen until I found myself in the soup saying to myself ‘well…this is really happening’ lol. I’ve had good instructors….everything just clicked-sure didn’t have time to be anxious about anything and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit proud of myself when I broke out all lined up and stable!

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