Evening Flight Over Florida

A business trip took me to south Florida in the Bonanza this week; a quick down and back to Ft. Lauderdale. (KFXE)

On the return flight home, I had planned to be back in the air in order to land before dark at my home base, but a fueling error at Fort Lauderdale Exec delayed my departure for over an hour, until near sunset.

This was a poignant reminder to always visually check your fuel tanks, rather than rely on the FBO invoice indicating the plane was fueled.

Looking at the silver lining, it did allow me to capture some great photos while cruising past Lake Okeechobee on my northbound track, just before dusk. And there was a tailwind for once.

Approaching Leesburg (KLEE) after dark, I cancelled IFR 10 miles out with Orlando Approach, to yield the protected airspace to a Cirrus flying an instrument procedure. I extended my downwind and followed the Cirrus on final.

These shots were taken just before sunset from 6,000 MSL.

11037328_10200233338033497_7365131625557187627_n 11038689_10200233338273503_1441152329778790476_n 11060329_10200233337833492_5769841286458930926_n

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  1. Business trip in the Bonanza sounds nice!

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