Asheville in the Bonanza

My family has travelled to the western North Carolina mountains since I was a small child. To this day, any chance to escape Florida for the mountains is quickly taken advantage of. For us, a dreary 9 hour car drive is replaced by a 170 knot, 2-1/2 hour flight.

Flying instead of driving essentially frees up two additional days for a trip that is otherwise spent on the road. This time is better spent hiking and exploring.

Signature Flight Support is just north of the passenger terminal at Asheville, KAVL. They always treat us well, even though my A-36 is usually the smallest plane on the ramp.

Asheville is a busy Class C airport, with a mix of Allegiant and Delta jets, as well as Gulfstreams , Citations and Cessnas. The airport is sandwiched between two mountain ranges, near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Coming in on a visual to RW 17 is over the mountains with the right downwind flown at 4,000 feet.

Here is a shot the French Broad River on our approach into Asheville.





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2 Responses to Asheville in the Bonanza

  1. I feel the same way at KLEX in the Commander….. I’m the only pauper sporting a prop on the ramp most trips lol.

    Always enjoy your blog.

    Mike Alger

    • Bonanza36 says:

      As yes, KLEX. Our second favorite place. My dad grew up there and we still have family in the area. One of the prettiest places on the planet. Enjoy.

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