Fly In at Leeward Air Ranch

A few weeks back, a friend and I had the opportunity to fly into Leeward Air Ranch for their annual classic airplane event. We flew the Bonanza in and waited our turn to land, and the pattern was full of aircraft.

It was a great day to practice our soft-field landings and take offs, although the turf was manicured like a golf course.

Leeward is located about halfway between Ocala and Leesburg, FL. It’s a fly-in community centered around a well manicured 6,000 foot grass runway.

Leeward Air Ranch was the home of Jimmy Leeward,  who was lost in September of 2011 at the Reno Air Races, when his P-51 experienced mechanical problems and crashed.


There must have been well over a hundred aircraft that day, and the sponsors for the event ran out of food.

Nevertheless, we got to view some beautifully restored classic aircraft from the 1930’s and 1940’s including this polished beauty.






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