Annual Time

It is that time of year again for the A36’s annual inspection. Good times.

This year, we are going over the airframe extensively and replacing many wear normal items. In addition to repairing 3 cylinders for leaks around the exhaust valves on the IO-550B, we are overhauling and replacing parts of the fuel system, including the fuel lines to the cylinders.

We resealed and repainted the McCauley 3-blade, C-409 propeller, ensuring all the prop AD’s are up to date. According to a AD, these are life limited to 10,000 hours.

We replaced the Cleveland brake discs with Black Steel brand discs and new brake pads. These discs are CNC machined and treated for heat and wear. They are a third of the cost of replacement discs from your normal sources, last longer and look great.

During our downtime, we are sprucing up the engine compartment and replacing some blast hoses with GeeBee extruded silicone ducts. They look better and are much more durable than the worn skeet and scat ducts in the aircraft now.

We have also cleaned and repainted many of the engine baffles and replaced some baffling material to ensure the cylinders stay nice and cool.

One of the fun things we did was to media blast the rocker box covers and refinish them in black power coat. The original finish on the rocker boxes was very tired, and the refreshed ones look great! All it took was a little labor.

Once we powder coated them, we block sanded the raised Continental logos with a very fine grit to a bright aluminum shine. I’m not sure how we will keep these from corroding, but I’m thinking an occasional wipe down with LPS-2 might help.

After media blasting and after powder coating:



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