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Fly In at Leeward Air Ranch

A few weeks back, a friend and I had the opportunity to fly into Leeward Air Ranch for their annual classic airplane event. We flew the Bonanza in and waited our turn to land, and the pattern was full of … Continue reading

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Asheville in the Bonanza

My family has travelled to the western North Carolina mountains since I was a small child. To this day, any chance to escape Florida for the mountains is quickly taken advantage of. For us, a dreary 9 hour car drive … Continue reading

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Creature Comforts

If you are lucky enough to own a plane, you are lucky enough. If you have an enclosed T-hangar at your home airport, you are really lucky. Many airports have long waiting lines for hangars, and they are usually very … Continue reading

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Oil Temp Probe Failure

On my last few flights in the Bonanza, during my instrument scan, I noticed that the oil temp started fluctuating slowly, up or down by  15*C.  It never reached red line, and the oil pressure stayed very stable at 40lbs. It appeared to … Continue reading

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GAMI #2 Baffle Cooling Kit

I fly behind an IO-550 Continental engine. Last year I had the GAMI #6 cooling baffle kit installed. This is an aftermarket kit that keeps the front left cylinder cool on climb out, especially on warm days. Temps dropped an … Continue reading

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Rejected Take Off

I was on my take off roll in the A-36 when I saw this indication on my Insight G-2 graphic engine monitor. So I aborted and coasted to the end of the runway and taxied off. The EGT on the … Continue reading

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Tavares Sea Plane Base Fly In

At the end of April, the Tavares Sea Plane Base (FA1) held its annual seaplane fly in. In addition to some large crowds, 25 or more seaplanes flew in for the event. About a dozen seaplanes participated in a “bomb … Continue reading

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Expanded Taxi Chart Coverage, Taxi Chart Improvements Land in ForeFlight Mobile 6.8

Originally posted on ForeFlight:
We are pleased to announce that ForeFlight Mobile version 6.8 is now available for download on the App Store! This update focuses on improving airport surface operations with more taxi chart coverage and more information on taxi…

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Evening Flight Over Florida

A business trip took me to south Florida in the Bonanza this week; a quick down and back to Ft. Lauderdale. (KFXE) On the return flight home, I had planned to be back in the air in order to land before dark … Continue reading

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Mountain Flying Into Asheville, NC

With the cooler mountain weather, it was time for our annual pilgrimage to Western North Carolina. There is nothing prettier than the southern Appalachian mountains in the Fall. Some of my earliest memories are of family visits to Tweetsie Railroad, … Continue reading

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