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Summer Weather Flying in Florida

In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about dealing with convective weather during the summer months, or alternatively, pickling your plane. If you are going to own a aircraft and use it for its maximum utility, or even have a fair chance of … Continue reading

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Flying over the Smoky Mountains

On a recent round-trip to Lexington, KY (KLEX), from Florida, our route took us east of Atlanta and over the The Great Smoky Mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains are beautiful, and their area covers western North Carolina and Tennessee as … Continue reading

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Jekyll Island Shrimp and Grits Festival – Airport Closed!

After a hectic week, we had planned to fly to Jekyll Island (09J) this weekend and hang out at the Shrimp and Grits Festival. http://www.shrimpandgritsfestival.com/ Jekyll Island is a small island off the southeast coast of Georgia, and is just … Continue reading

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300 and 6

This past week I needed to make a business trip to South Florida and return in the same day. The choice was to either get up really early and drive 4.5 hours each way on the Florida Turnpike, or make … Continue reading

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Entering a Hold? There’s an App For That!

If you fly enough “real” IFR, at some point you will find that you cannot land at your planned destination without some Air Traffic Control delays. Maybe the airport has low IFR conditions, and other aircraft are ahead of you … Continue reading

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Could the iPad be Outlawed in the Cockpit?

From AOPA: Use an iPad or other electronic flight bag (EFB) in the cockpit to pull up charts or instrument approaches? A proposed advisory circular could limit their use in the cockpit and stunt their growth potential under the Next … Continue reading

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WingX Pro Announces Synthetic Vision for the iPad

From the Aero News website: SynthViz Comes To iPad | Aero-News Network As of Tuesday, aviation synthetic vision is available on the iPad. Hilton Software LLC announced the addition of Synthetic Vision to its flagship WingX Pro7 for iPad product. WingX Pro7’s … Continue reading

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Victor Airways Support Using ForeFlight Mobile HD on the iPad

You Left Coast and fly-over Heartland pilots will probably not understand the relevance of this post, because you usually file IFR>direct to your destination. But, for the rest of us East Coast IFR guys (and girls), filing Victor airways as a … Continue reading

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The iPad for Pilot Dummies

I admit it….I drank the Kool-aid. Being a PC user since the 1990’s (my first PC was a 286hz processor with 4mb of ram and a 40mb hard drive), I finally purchased an Apple product. The iPad 64G, 3G version was pre-ordered … Continue reading

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