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The Beechcraft Bonanza 36

Ah, nostalgia! I  was really excited to find this vintage advertisement on eBay for Beechcraft’s newest aircraft design, the 1968 Model 36 Bonanza.  This ad appeared in the August 1969 issue of National Geographic. My Bonanzas have taken my family many times … Continue reading

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Kiddie Wings and Private Planes

According to a recent news report, at least one major U.S. airline has resumed an age old tradition: that of giving away little plastic wings to kids onboard. Airlines quit handing out pilot wings to children due to a ban … Continue reading

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Fly-in at 28J, Kay Larkin Airport, Palatka, FL

General Aviation is alive and well, at least if you go by the number of people and planes at today’s fly-in at Lt. Kay Larkin Airport, Palatka, Florida. This airport is not far from Jacksonville and the St. Johns River. … Continue reading

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Just Kickin’ Around

There is a major winter storm enveloping the country and marching our way later today. We are expecting TRWs and winds 20G30+ this afternoon. Temps are expected to drop to 27F by Tuesday morning. Brrr. Saturday afternoon was my last chance to … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with your families. Safe travels! Attached is a slideshow of some really interesting aircraft pictures, none of which I took. BestAviationPhotography

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I Love My Aeroplane, ’cause She Got Style

The weather is perfect for flying today, but I’m off to the farm to repair some fences and prepare for some new horses to arrive.  Here is a cool flying video I came across, with Stephen Stills singing Tree-top Flyer:  

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A Tale of Two Flights

Roundtrip from Leesburg, FL to DeKalb-Peachtree Bonanza 85 Kilo is cleared to the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport via Ocala, victor 159, Pecan, victor 97, Atlanta, direct. Climb and maintain 2000, expect 7000 ten minutes after departure. Departure frequency is 121 point 1, … Continue reading

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The Aviators – TV Series

There is a cool new teevee series on aviation called The Aviators. Locally is it shown on WMFE, our educational station, in Hi-Def. Check it out.

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Boca Raton. It’s Only a Few Dollars More to go First Class

LEE to BCT Departing Leesburg, the winds were 360 at 4, clear with 10 miles visibility, temp 21, dew point 09, and altimeter 30.15. Time enroute: 01:07. “November 85K is cleared to the Boca Raton Airport, via radar vectors to Pahokee, direct. … Continue reading

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This blog is about flight. Human flight. More specifically about general aviation and private aircraft. It will be an electronic logbook of sorts, hence the title FlightBlog. I am not a professional pilot, although I strive to fly like one. … Continue reading

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