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Mount Dora Seaplane Splash-in

Here is my promised follow up my post regarding the Mount Dora Seaplane Splash-in. When the City of Tavares, Florida, population 13,000, announced a few years ago that they would be using a government grant to redevelop their downtown Lake Dora waterfront … Continue reading

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Small Town Politics and Aviation

Don’cha just love local politics? Mount Dora is a small, quaint lakeside town, nestled in the hills of Lake County Florida, about 30 miles northwest of Orlando. The town has a New England feel to it, due to many its … Continue reading

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Geo-referenced Approaches into Leesburg

This past weekend, I finally had the chance to do a post-maintenance flight in my Bonanza after its annual inspection was completed. The weather was clear and the sky blue, especially welcoming after the horrendous storms that came through Central Florida last week. After … Continue reading

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