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When Your Aircraft Speaks, Be Sure to Listen Closely

On my trip back from Naples, I sensed there was a just a touch of vibration during cruise flight. It was almost imperceptible. Was it just my imagination? I tried different mixture settings and power settings, and then different RPM’s. … Continue reading

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External GPS Options for Pilots Using the iPad

I hate flying commercial. Pilots are a unique breed. We must be in control of our own destiny rather than be relegated to seat 22-E. But occasionally we must fly commercial and find ways to entertain ourselves while enroute. The … Continue reading

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Every Pilot’s Fantasy: Twins!

Well, maybe not those twins. But, after obtaining their Single Engine/Instrument ticket, many pilots lust for the multi-engine rating, knowing full well that it requires the net worth of a Rockefeller to own and feed a twin-engine aircraft. If you want … Continue reading

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Victor Airways Support Using ForeFlight Mobile HD on the iPad

You Left Coast and fly-over Heartland pilots will probably not understand the relevance of this post, because you usually file IFR>direct to your destination. But, for the rest of us East Coast IFR guys (and girls), filing Victor airways as a … Continue reading

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ForeFlight 4.0 Updates Mobile HD for iPad and iPhone Users

ForeFlight Mobile HD users on iPhones and iPads will be pleased with the latest 4.0 upgrade, available for download through the Apple App Store. The latest update to this EFB program includes some needed options which make the user interface … Continue reading

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Confusion in the Pattern

Lately there have been some “lively” discussions regarding the lack of general aviation airmanship, on pilot blogs and local hangar flying sessions, but also from the FAA. The recent Nall Report on aviation safety does not paint a pretty picture with respect … Continue reading

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Are The New Garmin Products Really Magic?

After much fanfare in the general aviation community, Garmin finally unveiled the next evolution for Global Positioning Systems, the GTN-650 and GTN-750 GPS/NAV/COM IFR certified panel mount units. Both units are WAAS capable, allowing instrument approaches down as low as 200 … Continue reading

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Geo-referenced Approaches into Leesburg

This past weekend, I finally had the chance to do a post-maintenance flight in my Bonanza after its annual inspection was completed. The weather was clear and the sky blue, especially welcoming after the horrendous storms that came through Central Florida last week. After … Continue reading

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ForeFlight 3.9 With Geo-Referenced Approach Plates

After receiving an announcement from ForeFlight, I upgraded my ForeFlight Mobile HD subscription for the iPad to version 3.9. The update adds geo-referenced approach plates and taxiways, as well as some other fine tuning. The option for geo-referenced plates was … Continue reading

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Is the Lindbergh Foundation Just Another Elitist “Green” Organization?

Normally I write this blog as an outlet to share my personal aviation experiences, but sometimes it is important to discuss more critical issues. Understand that I like living in a clean environment as much as the next guy. I appreciate clean air … Continue reading

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